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Company Facts

Official nameYoungInnovations Pvt. Ltd.
Type of businessPrivate Company
LocationLalitpur, Nepal
Year of establishment2007
Key service areasGraphic, Web, Software, Mobile Solutions
Staff size50+ full time employees
Number of current clients50+
Location of clientsNepal, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Tanzania, Moldova, etc.
Expertise inWeb based application development, mobile app development, Open Data solutions, SMS/IVR application development
Noteworthy mentionsCreator of product that won Google innovation award; Executive team with over 100+ years of industry experience; Creator of product that won WSIS Award; Pioneer in institutionalizing Open Data solution in Nepalese context

Core Competencies

Team expertise

Dedicated team of 50+ professionals with proven industry expertise and experience in developing integrated software platforms using agile development approaches.

Technical expertise

Continuous focus on innovation and growth with formalized institutional mechanism to update and learn new tools, practices and mechanism to develop world class applications that make a difference. Comprehensive knowledge of state-of-art technologies and practices in web based software, mobile applications, SMS and IVR applications development

Domain expertise

Using integrated technologies to solve problems in development and private sector with specific focus on Open Data, Aid Transparency, Public Procurement, Citizen Engagement, Grievance Management, Knowledge Mangement, etc.


YoungInnovations is a technology company that creates innovative and powerful solutions to global development problems.

We aren’t in the technology business to get rich (or die trying!), to build hip social media apps or to eventually make a killing on an IPO. YoungInnovations is a special kind of technology company.

We specialise in global development; we build partnerships and technology that help development organisations to change the way the world works.

Every line of code we write at YoungInnovations has an impact, which is appropriate, given that our key goal is to increase the impact of the work that global development organisations do. We build products, tools and websites that focus on solving problems by providing tailored and innovative solutions which work for your local context. By taking the time to understand the real needs of your end users, we never fail to build products which will be both used and useful.


Data Innovations

We truly love data. Data can teach you so much when you know how to make sense of it, and our team are experts at making data sing!

We can build automated data tools to collect, curate and analyze data for you, and we can help you to use that data to tell stories about your work, to identify issues with your programs, to spot gaps in execution and to see and capitalise on emerging trends, among many other things. We believe in the power of data-driven policy and decision-making, both at the large scale and on an everyday basis.

We are experts in using data to help you drive impact. And as the creators of platforms such as Aidstream, DevelopmentCheck and OpenNepal, we are well versed in building tools and technologies focused on using open data to facilitate transparency and accountability. Our work on platforms like these has already created huge impact at both national and international levels.

Technology Innovations

If data is at our heart, then technology is our soul. We live, dream and breathe technology, and ‘innovation’ is an almost holy word in our office.

With a tech team full of curious, resourceful developers, we build technology solutions that get right to the root of problems, rather than masking the symptoms. We believe that in the development sector, this is too seldom the case, despite being the key to increased impact and the delivery of real solutions.

Whether it’s a new way to place mobile technology in the hands of rural women, to create feedback loops for local governments or to monitor post-disaster infrastructure, we help organizations to meet some of their most challenging goals. We do so with a focus on increasing accessibility and reach, while maintaining a belief in E.F. Schumacher’s principle of appropriate technology and recognising that technology can only be an effective part of the solution when it is relevant and appropriate for the people into whose hands you are placing it.

Product Innovations

Ensuring the long-term success of life-changing products requires more than just technical backstopping.

By creating real partnerships with our clients, we grow to understand your business, your needs and the people you’re working to help. Your products become our babies, and we take excellent care of them from the moment they’re alive on the web and the whole way through their lifecycle. We build sustainability mechanisms into our products and will proactively create ways to ensure your product stays relevant and up to date. Our products live up to their promise so you can live up to yours.

With a truckload of expertise in somewhat niche fields, we choose to reinvest much of our profit in building products that we believe will support many of our clients. For example, our own brainchild - Aidstream - is the platform most widely used by development organizations to publish their data to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Currently used by organizations in over 20 countries, AidStream is the dominant player in IATI ecosystem.

Community Innovations

We may be a technology company, but we’re also firm believers in human smarts so we don’t regard technology as some infallible standalone panacea.

We know technology shouldn’t replace the necessarily human-led, hands-on nature of development work, but we do want to introduce new generations of technophiles to that work and help them to see it as a fascinating and worthwhile area in which to use their skills.

As such, since 2010, when YoungInnovations established Mobile Nepal - a community of practice which aims to facilitate discussions on the issues, opportunities and challenges surrounding mobile technologies in Nepal - we have been heavily involved in fostering a strong tech and open data community in Nepal; as a key pillar of this community, we facilitate regular tech events such as Open Data Day, NASA's Space Apps Challenge and Ncell App Camp to name just a few. We believe that such events, when created in collaboration with national and international organizations, provide a common platform where individuals and groups can come together to generate real, innovative and creative solutions to the kinds of pressing problems faced by people every day in countries like Nepal.

We believe in the human side of technology because we have seen innovation flourish through collaboration; because collaboration with others pushes us to think outside the box, drawing experience from multiple different people with different histories and cultures, we regard it is an essential ingredient in the future of effective and impactful technology.


Data Innovations

  • Development and deployment of data capturing tools using cross platform mobile applications
  • Development and deployment of SMS and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) based data collection and management systems
  • Development and deployment of data processing, data analytics and business intelligence tools
  • Development and deployment of interactive data visualizations and infographics
  • Strategic support on development and institutionalization of open data systems and communities
  • Data literacy and data analysis capacity development programs.

Technology Expertise

Asterisk, Kannel, Python, R-lang, Android, Excel, Open Refine, D3.js, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ

Technology & Product Innovations

  • Development and deployment of corporate Intranets and MIS Applications
  • Development of M&E Applications
  • Development of Customized Software Applications to cater the individual need and business requirement of organizations.
  • Website Design and Development
  • Specialized Content Management Systems Development and Deployment
  • Web hosting and domain registration
  • Providing specialized services related to system support, need assessment, analysis, monitoring, etc. to organizations and companies willing to use ICTs for their strategic advantage.

Technology Expertise

Php, Python, Nodejs, Drupal, Laravel, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, React.js, Vue.js, CSS preprocessors, Amazon AWS, Gcloud infrastructure

Community Innovations

  • Development and implementation of strategies and mechanisms for open source solution development
  • Organizing community engagement activities like hackathons and bootcamps as per the requirement of our products and clients
  • Providing need based trainings to organizations on ICT mainstreaming along with new ICT based tools and technologies, including mobile telephony


Data Innovations

  • Open Contracting Portal for Nepal In collaboration with Open Contracting partnership, we are working with the Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO), Government of Nepal to open public procurement in Nepal using Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS). The project was started in 2016 and will continue till 2018.
  • UNDG Transparency Portal A customized version of d-portal, which displays data of all UNDG members that are currently publishing data as per the IATI standard. The data is updated in real time by pulling data from the IATI registry, the central data store gathering all data published to the IATI standard.
  • Structural Integrity Damage Assessment (SIDA)An online platform developed for Department of Education (DoE) in collaboration with the World Bank to view and analyze data that has been collected as part of the assessment of school buildings after the Earthquake of April, 2015 in Nepal. The online tool provides a way for the Department of Education to assess the current condition of schools and is used as a planning tool for the reconstruction activities.
  • Open Contracting Moldova An interactive application developed for Public Procurement Monitoring Office, Government of Moldova for analysing key contracting data as well as functionalities to perform exports in open data format.
  • Tanzania AidStream In association with the world bank, Tanzania AidStream aims to empower civil society organizations working in Tanzania by making IATI more accessible to them.
  • Immunization Data Collection and Analysis SystemDevelopment of an SMS based application for UNICEF Nepal Measles-Rubella Campaign. This system allows health workers in every VDC of Nepal (3915) to send immunization data via SMS which is analyzed and presented interactively in map available at
  • Resource ContractsResource Contracts is repository of mining and petroleum contracts has been developed to fill the knowledge gap by providing searchable contracts in machine-readable format with rich metadata and annotations to provide key insights about each contract. The site applies machine based processing to each PDF contract, making it text-searchable and enabling users to download each contract as a text based document.
  • IATI Ingestion and visualisation in FTSFTS (Financial Tracking system) aims to present a complete picture of all the humanitarian funding flows. We developed an IATI (International Aid Transparency Initiative) Ingestion Module that automates the fetching of humanitarian data from the global IATI repository into FTS and transforms IATI data model to FTS Flow model by executing matching-algorithm. We also developed number of visualisations based on d3.js to present the funding flows and linkages between the flows, enhancing the current way of presenting data in tabular format.
  • Public Procurement Transparency Initiative in Nepal (PPTIN) Public Procurement Information Portal for Nepal , an initiative of Public Procurement Monitoring Office (PPMO) in collaboration with the Open Contracting Partnership is a platform for Open Government Data. The page shows the statistics about the total count of tenders published within the e-GP Systems of PPMO, number of procuring entities as well as bidders; and also the counts of bids that the tenders received in a particular year.

Technology Innovations

  • SubhaYatra (Migration) Mobile AppA communication platform for migrant workers, N to access and share migration related information and facilitate experience sharing between users. In addition , this helps in creating information loop by connecting to the government bodies. This project was done together with The Asia Foundation and Non Resident Nepales Association (NRNA)
  • PAF Ontrack (echautari) An online platform for beneficiaries of the program to report issue and grievances using web, sms and voice call. The system integrates with various different services to provide a grievance reporting mechanism to properly handle complaints. The project was carried out with support from the World Bank.
  • Label Step Online Database Interactive online database of importers, exporters and production sites of carpet and monitoring audits of those production sites in Nepal.
  • United Nations Nepal Information PlatformOfficial website of United Nations in Nepal to provide information on UN activities in Nepal Trip Reporting and Management System - A MIS system developed for UNICEF, Nepal as a part of their Monitoring and Evaluation System.
  • Events Registration and Evaluation SystemA comprehensive events management system developed for ICIMOD
  • Online Knowledge Mapping SystemAn online system to capture knowledge from activities HUC Network of ICIMOD
  • Activity Mapping System An online system to visualize the ICIMOD activities (events and projects) in the google map
  • Online Employment Application System Integrated ssytem to support recruitment process for ICIMOD, Nepal
  • Knowledge Management Information SystemAn online system for systematic management of knowledge processes within ESP and its portfolio projects. Our involvement with ESP included KM strategy development, requirements analysis, system implementation and institutionalization of knowledge management in ESP. ESP was a DFID funded governance project in Nepal.
  • Intranet SystemIntranet system comprising of Document Management System, Media Monitoring System, Event Management System for Center for Inclusive Growth (CIGNepal) of Nepal, project supported by UK DFID.
  • Intranet System for Rural Access ProgramIntranet system with staff calendar, document management system, news, events.
  • Grievance reporting and management systemIntegrated grievance reporting and issue tracking system for Poverty Alleviation Fund that uses an IVR system to allow its beneficiaries to report problems using their mobile phones.
  • Online Learning PlatformA learning management system developed using Moodle for Nepal Administrative Staff College (NASC)
  • Document Management SystemA stand alone document management system was developed for Cree Health Board, Canada.
  • SMS and Web IntegrationIntegration of SMS based discussion in voice of youth website of UNICEF Nepal. It allows users from remote areas of Nepal to participate in the online discussion forum through text messages from their mobile phones .
  • SMS Gateway MISDevelopment of web based SMS Management Information System (SMS MIS) for Digitainment. SMS MIS is a comprehensive SMS management system, that allows configuration of shortcodes, keywords and pre-messages. This system also allows the client logins to see the detail information about their shortcodes, allows them to send bulk sms on one click, set their own messages, see the reports.
  • Retail Sales Automation Applicationusing web and mobile app for United Distributors Nepal
  • SMS and Web IntegrationIntegration of SMS based discussion in voice of youth website of UNICEF Nepal. It allows users from remote areas of Nepal to participate in the online discussion forum through text messages from their mobile phones
  • SMS Gateway MISDevelopment of web based SMS Management Information System (SMS MIS) for Digitainment. SMS MIS is a comprehensive SMS management system, that allows configuration of shortcodes, keywords and pre-messages. This system also allows the client logins to see the detail information about their shortcodes, allows them to send bulk sms on one click, set their own messages, see the reports

Product Innovations

  • Development CheckA mobile and web app for real-time citizen feedback on the transparency, participation and effectiveness of development projects. It also enables community monitors to report on their success-rate in implementing fixes to identified problems. It is being used across 12 different countries around the globe.
  • AidStreamAn open source online platform for organisations that wish to publish aid data in accordance with the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) format but want to avoid dealing with the complexities of creating XML. Currently more than 300 organisations are using Aidstream to publish their data to IATI Registry.
  • Fight Violence Against Women and Girls (FightVAWG) An integrated platform developed together with the World Bank and National Women Commission that provides comprehensive solution to combat Violence against Women and Girls in Nepal through strategic use of ICTs. Our solution provides efficient mechanism for reporting cases of violence, enhance coordination and collaboration among service providers to respond on reported cases and provide one-stop-site for data and information on gender-based violence in Nepalese context. The system has powerful case management and tracking system built as core component ( )

Community Innovations

  • Organized Violence Against Women Hackathon In collaboration with the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Computer Association Network, Sparrow SMS to address challenge of violence against women building innovative technologies.
  • M2Work HackathonOrganized m2work Hackathon in five different countries in collaboration with the UKaid, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and the World Bank to develop mobile microwork solutions.
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge, KathmanduOrganized 4 NASA Space Apps Challenge in collaboration with ICIMOD and Alternative Energy Promotion Centre.
  • Open Data DayOrganizing Open Data Day since 2013 (on a yearly basis) in collaboration with various partners to create awareness on the importance of open data in Nepal through talk programs, hackathon, open data initiative showcasing.
  • Slush 2016 Global Impact Accelerator Local Competition, KathmanduOrganized Slush 2016 Global Impact Accelerator Local Competition in collaboration with True North Associates, KCM Business Incubation Center to select tech based products of Nepal to participate in Slush Global Impact Accelerator program in Finland.
  • Aid Transparency Workshop and BarcampOrganized 2 days workshop and one day barcamp in collaboration with AidInfo and CPRA. The details of workshop and barcamp can be found here and respectively.
  • NCell App Camp facilitationFacilitated Ncell App Camp for 2 years organized by Ncell Pvt. Ltd. The event was Nepal’s biggest mobile app business competition
  • Pivot NepalOrganized Pivot Nepal, Nepal’s first mobile app business competition, in collaboration with infoDev, the World Bank, Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
  • Slush 2017 Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition ,NepalFor the 2nd time, On August 17, 2017, YoungInnovations and Slush GIA in partnership with Oulu University of Applied Science, Kathmandu University School of Management, King’s College and Ideastudio organized Slush Global Impact Accelerator Pitching Competition in Nepal. The pitching competition is a platform for impactful Nepali startups that provides solution to support the sustainable development goals (SDGs), to participate in a prestigious event in Finland.
  • Open Contracting 2017Participated in the open Contracting 2017 in Amsterdam. This was a two days long global event attended by open contracting practitioners from around the world. During the event, the Public Procurement Information Portal (beta) for Nepal ( was demonstrated.
  • Slush 2017 GIA and Slush 2017The winners of Slush GIA 2017 Pitching Competition: Doko Recycler; Muskan Bringing back the smile ; and Tootle took part in Slush 2017 GIA and Slush 2017 in Finland. For the first two days, they participated in intense workshops to hone their business skills, soft skills and more. The workshops also provided them a platform to connect with other startups.10 finalists including Tootle pitched in the final day.